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T H E   A R T I S T


Quality is Satisfaction.


Over the decades, Horiyume Tattoo Adam has built his long list of clientelles strictly based on Quality Custom Tattoo work. Many satisfied customers from all around the world remain loyal to Adam and continue to visit for custom tattoos. Whether you are visiting Hawaii or simply looking for a new artist, come into 434 Custom Tattoo in the heart of Waikiki and meet Horiyume Tattoo Adam.

Mike Tyson and Adam Siehr


March 18, 2015




I've got 14 tattoos, so I'm definitely not new to the experience, Adam is extremely polite & friendly, very knowledgeable & amazingly talented, my husband & I got matching anchors, our initials J&L made up the shape of the anchor & it features roses for our daughter whose middle name is Rose, I'm so happy with my new tattoo!


Julz M.

Wollongong Australia

February 24,2015




Been living in Hawaii for 3 years now and as much as I love tattoos I hadn't gotten one done here yet.  I have had friends recommend other places throughout the island but I wasn't digging them. Today I gave it a shot after reading reviews on yelp and I must say Adam hooked it up and I recommended to people soon as I left with no hesitation lol.  I will be back to get one or two more before I leave this fall. Good prices, good art, fast work and very professional.  If you decide to go anywhere make this your first choice.


Michelle R

Honolulu Hawaii

February 4, 2015




Adam did an awesome job! Very clean. Very professional. I was a walk in and he took great care of me. Thank you!!!!


Jennifer B

Huntington Beach, California


January 29, 2015




So basically I will save you all some time. If you're searching around for a reasonable, professional, talented and all around awesome place for a tattoo in Honolulu look no further then Adam..... After going through 3 other shops on the island my wife and I almost gave up on the perfect Hawaiian souvenir. The island vibe is alive and well and this place embodied what a tattoo shop should be . Smaller then the other places and not directly on the strip( but by no means off the beaten path) this makes the price more like a regular main land shop. I got a huge piece and my wife got a middle of the road tat the price difference between this place and all the others was less then half.  So unfortunately I do have one bad thing to say. Now I gotta venture all the way to Hawaii from Florida to get inked up.....  


So from the Dodge's THANKS ADAM AND STAFF !!! Not only for the super job but for giving us a Hawaiian souvenir that will last a lifetime. See you again soon .


Jeff D.

Punta Gorda, FL


December 25, 2014




Adam is truly the best tattoo artist on the planet. I first went into his shop back in 2012. I had a bad tattoo that I wanted fixed. I have had many bad experiences with "tattoo artists." I was a little worried this was going to be another one of those times. Boy was I wrong. Adam not only made me feel very comfortable, he let me take smoke breaks when he knew I was getting really stressed out or the pain was very intense. The tattoo came out very beautiful. Way better than I expected! Because of this experience, Adam is the only person I will let tattoo me. I live in Alaska and I travel to Hawaii just to get tattoos from Adam. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. In Dec 2014 I returned back to Adam to have him fix 2 other "mistakes" I had. Pictures are posted. He is the best!



Jessica E.

Anchorage, AK


November 06, 2014




My Husband & I, who are in our late 40's, got tattoos here today. Adam was really great, we had our own design that had been drawn up by another tattoo artist in Vegas and he was more than obliging to use it, also took photos of the finished job and was going to put on Instagram and acknowledge this guy, which I thought was really cool. The shop itself looks a bit "Mmm well will we go in",  but if you want a good job GO IN, honestly worth it. He doesn't muck around, gets in and gets the job done, well and quickly and he is a really nice guy, to boot! Thanks Adam


Tracy M.




September 26, 2014




Here on vacation my husband and I walk into the shop at opening, we figured we would set an appointment. Nope they took me in designed and did my tattoo within an hour and a half. It was my husband 's birthday and we did not want to spend hours in a tattoo shop. We were very pleased that we got in and out so fast! Work was done by John he did a great job. And the price was not what we were expecting a pleasant  surprise .


Deborah O.

Prescott Valley, Arizona USA

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