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About Tattoo Adam Waikiki

History of Horiyume

Adam Siehr  Khampong  is an experienced tattoo artist in Honolulu, Hawaii. Adam has over 30 years experience in the industry and specializes in one of a kind original custom tattoo designs.  As a skilled artist, he has the ability to provide a beautiful unique custom tattoo that you will be pleased with. His many years of experience allows him to integrate your vision with his, no matter what style of tattoo you desire.


Originally a Graffiti Artist, Horiyume Tattoo Adam Waikiki hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he started tattooing in 1994. After a year and a half of apprenticeship, Adam launched his career at Accents In Ink apprenticing under John Cervantez , learning the fundamental aspects of tattoo work and developing his skill level. In 1997, Adam moved to Las Vegas, NV where he worked on the Las Vegas Strip tattooing at Diversity. There Adam enjoyed exposure to other artists and the experience of working in a busy tourist oriented shop, not to mention tattooing celebrity clienteles, including the legendary Mike Tyson.


In 1999, Tattoo Adam Waikiki moved to Honolulu where he could escape the flashy routine in Las Vegas and focus on building his custom portfolio.  He was one of the first artists to help open Tattoolicious on McCully Blvd. where he concentrated on his custom work. Later, Tattoolicious integrated body art and hair styling which then Tattoo Adam moved to Aloha Tattoo on Ala Moana Blvd. in 2002.


In May of 2004, he opened a private studio, 434 Custom Tattoo, where he takes pride in doing quality custom tattoo work. Adam has flourished his studio with collectives from all his trips around the world. Here you will find many unique sentimental pieces that make Horiyume. Memorabilia of his path of becoming one of the greatest tattoo artists can be found displayed wall to wall, ceiling to floor. Prepare to be amazed as you walk into this quaint and cozy studio. Clients get the luxury of gazing at all the artifacts while getting a tattoo by Horiyume. He may even share the story behind some of his findings. Not only is the studio aesthetically appealing, Adam provides his clients with a safe and sterile environment. Both shops are approved by the Hawaii Health Department and follow all safety guidelines and ethics.

in July of 2014 Tattoo Adam had officially received his New Tattoo Name by Legendary Tattoo Master Horiyoshi 3 .  Since then Horiyume_tattooadam has been working very hard to live up to the name titled to him .

Come into 434 Custom Tattoo and meet Horiyume. He works by appointments and  tattoos 6 days a week  from 8am or 10 am till 2 pm -  located in the heart of Waikiki and sometimes found tattooing in Wahiawa by appointment only .

Tattoo Adam Horiyume

TattooAdam is a reputable tattoo artist and is located in Waikiki, Hawaii. 434 Tattoo was established in 2004 with the aim of providing our clients with exceptional custom tattoo art. Our professional and experienced team of artists strives to make the tattooing experience as enjoyable as possible for our clients. Horiyume continues to maintain the highest safety standards and a clean environment to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. At 434 Tattoo, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their dream body suits !!!!

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Contact Horiyume

434 ena road

Honolulu Hawaii 96815


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