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C U R R E N T   N E W S 


The Custom Tattoo Experience


When last we left off, we shared what the word tattoo means, in more ways than one.  Now we want to take it a step further and give your some more context on the custom tattooing experience. The first step in a custom tattoo is getting a consultation.  At our Honolulu tattoo studio, 434 Tattoo, a tattoo shop located in Waikiki, we offer free consultations on tattoos!


The consultation is very important because it allows you to discuss your ideas for a tattoo with a tattoo professional. You will find everyone under the sun with opinions about tattoo ideas or tattoos in general, but the people best prepared to answer questions, guide you, and help you decide what to get and how it will flow on your body, is a tattooist.



artist for hire

Attention: Tattoo Artists

434 Tattoo is looking for a new artist to join our Ohana! Must have a Hawaii tattoo license and a portfolio ready for review. Stop on by or give us a call to set up an appointment with tattoo artist and owner, HORIYUME aka Tattoo Adam Siehr. Looking forward to meeting all of you! Mahalo

434 Ena Rd, Waikiki   808.391.8287

national tattoo association

The National Tattoo Association


Have you seen the latest issue of NTA Newsletter? Horiyume Tattoo Adam is a featured artist in the National Tattoo Association Newsletter! Grab yourself a copy or click below.


Horiyume: Curving Dream


Introducing Horiyume


Many years ago, when Tatoo Adam Siehr was still a child, he found a tattoo magazine with a spread on Japanese tattoos. Adam would start his apprenticeship at the young age of 17, in an old school shop located in Milwaukee, run by bikers.


Experiencing a traditional apprenticeship, he learned the true way to tattoo from the ground up, something the internet how-to guides don’t give you, furthermore illustrating the value of a practice with proper training.


Custom Tattoo in Hawaii


Have you ever wondered what takes place before your tattoo session? Watch our video that takes viewers behind the scenes with Horiyume Tattoo Adam. 434 Custom Tattoo is an award winning tattoo studio that has taken clienteles from all across the world and levels in the socio-economic spectrum. Our talented team of tattooists are licensed professionals with four decades of experiences. 


Tattoo Gift Certificates 

The Gift of Giving and Receiving

Sometimes we just can't seem to figure out what to give as a present. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day; a tattoo says it all. 434 Tattoo now offers Tattoo Gift Certificates! Show your friends and family that the gift of art can go a long way. In our case, a lifetime. 


Call us or come in for more information!

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